more sewing!

i still need to catch up with my regular posting, but i couldn't wait to show off my latest creations! we just moved millie into a twin size bed so that we could give her new bedding. before this, she insisted on using FOUR blankets with her toddler bed and wouldn't give any of them up, she was starting to get an awful heat rash on her back, so we thought something new would be the perfect distraction to take away a few blankets. it worked, and she loves her new big girl bed! we went to target and found a bed-in-a-bag on clearance for $27. millie wanted hot pink, but i wanted to try something new, so i was sneaky and switched it out. i'm loving turquoise and yellow lately, so i'm hoping to have those be the main colors and then add a little brown, green, and pink into the mix. i made this name pillow (the first of many pillows i hope to make) and i think it turned out pretty cute! i'm definitely not a sewing expert, and just so you know, it is REALLY hard to make something like this when you don't even have a ruler! i really need to invest in some new sewing supplies! anyway, here is the final product:

at first i was sad that millie's name was mostly a bunch of straight letters, i thought it would look really boring, but once i started to applique around all of those difficult curves on the "M" i was grateful that she had so many straight letters in her name! and i think it turned out pretty cute anyway!

i also made these quick reversible headbands. they were SO easy to make. i didn't follow the instructions because they seemed to make it so much more complicated than it had to be. i can see myself making LOTS of these headbands for upcoming birthdays for millie's little friends! and there's even an adult pattern too, so if i ever feel like getting all cutesy and dressed up (instead of wearing my pjs all day like normal) maybe i'll even make a few for myself!

now i just need to figure out what my next project is...

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  1. blaise needs an outfit. with an owl on the shirt. LOL!!!!! you are SUPER at sewing! i love all the stuff you've made!