even more craftiness

i forgot these on my last post. a few weeks ago i made these crafty little quilted cards for mother's day. i thought it would be really fun to make one for my mother-in-law to match the pillows that she helped me make. i even made tiny little flowers for it (and burned my fingers in the process!)

for mother's day, we got my mom a hand-stamped necklace with all the grandkids' names from the vintage pearl, and got todd's mom the dainty eclectic initial necklace and had it delivered straight to her since we all know that it's impossible for me to ever get anything in the mail on time! i LOVE these necklaces, i'm waiting for my husband to get the hint that i want one. but once again, for it to actually get any use, i guess i need to wear something besides pajamas all day.

love it!

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  1. What a perfect idea for fabric scraps! Thanks!